Pengadaan Mobil Baru

Fitur & Fasilitas Ambulance Type E Ambulance Type G Ambulance Type X Ambulance Type M

Light Bar Oval AM-90001L

Multivoice sirene with microphone paging AM-90002 12V 100Watt

Floor modification with plywood cover vynil

Hospital grade
(anti bakteri)

Ambulan Stretcher for patient

Tandu Angkat AM-72074
Automatic ambulance stretcher stainless steel AM-72011
Automatic ambulance stretcher Aluminium AM-72011
Tandu keranda Stainless steel

Rel stretcher with stopper and lock stretcher

Stainless Steel

Base ambulance stretcher with compartment

Side seat for 2 person with compartment

Single paramedic seat

Wastafel kapasitas 10L

Oxygen set

Bracet Tabung Oksigen only
Oxygen therapy set AM-72094-OS1
Central Oxygen System AM-72094-MAX1

Medical Equipment Compartment

DC Outlets

P3K Box

Infuse Hanger Stainless steel (Model Sliding)

Model Fix

Adjustable lamp Spot light 50 watt


Two (2) pcs patient sliding Lamp @50 watt

APAR 1kg with bracket


Cover Bumper stainless 

Kaca film 60-80%

Logo/Letter from reflective sticker

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